To Whom It May Concern:

My company, New Frontier Tiny Homes, recently engaged Doug to consult on an upcoming venture that required rapid scaling and growth. We are artisan, custom home builders who are trying to scale up to mass production level manufacturing in a tight timeline. It is a very ambitious task and much of it would not be possible without the right experience, capability, talent, and personalities

Doug Dubey has proven to be the perfect person for the job. 

His expertise in laying out the framework for identifying key ingredients (facility, supply chain, staffing) and creating an actionable strategy has provided us with great clarity and confidence to move forward. His insight exceeds far beyond high-level thinking. He has been there with us to dig deeper and deeper into the granular minutiae and the general plan continues to translate into daily, assignable responsibilities.

In addition to his pedigree, Doug is a pleasure to work with. Candid and direct, Doug is a consummate professional who gives and commands respect in equal measure. He has been terrific to work side by side, whether it’s brainstorming a broad stroke vision or rolling up the sleeves to dive into detailed operational processes.

I strongly recommend Doug to help lead and facilitate the rapid scaling of a construction company and the many variables and components required to do so.


David Latimer

CEO and Founder

New Frontier Tiny Homes

David Latimer, New Frontier Tiny Homes
CEO and Founder


Mark Beard


To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to offer this letter of recommendation on behalf of Doug Dubey. I have known Doug professionally for four years. In that time I have known him to be of the highest degree of dedication, integrity, fairness and professionalism.

Since his time at Clayton Homes, Doug has consulted with Senco on two significant procurement initiatives. In regards to those two projects he introduced a formalized process, tracked and monitored changes internally, challenged several legacy practices, communicated frequently and delivered the planned deliverable on-time and ahead of budget.

I would be happy to discuss Doug’s contribution at your convenience.


Ben Johansen


Senco Brands, Inc.

Ben Johansen

“In my 42 years of working with Buyers and Procurement individuals in many different industries, Doug Dubey has by far the best credentials and knowledge of anyone I have dealt with. Doug’s manufacturing background, operations experience and negotiating ability is second to none. A team player who can fit and blend in with any type of company looking to improve their purchasing efficiency and profitability.”

David V. Smith Jr. President ALPHA SYSTEMS, LLC

David V. Smith Jr.

“Doug recognized the importance of sourcing some products from China. As a result he reduced the total of the companies Bill of Materials significantly giving them a cost advantage over their competition.”


Larry Campbell

“I would classify Doug as being an expert in the field of Procurement and dynamic in how he handled the position.”

Todd M. Cleveland, President & CEO PATRICK INDUSTRIES


Todd M. Cleveland